Swamp-white Oak (Quercus bicolor) - plot 87

Acorns were obtained the fall of 1999 from an Ontario-certified seed collector and planted in a nursery. Their site of origin was not recorded.

The spring of 2002, 33 were planted out on a site free of trees but containing clumps of small willows and dogwood. The soil is heavy clay, but fairly well drained by a nearby ditch. Each was surrounded with a meter-square roofing paper ground cover to suppress competition. By the fall of 2004, 24 remained alive; 3 of these were growing weakly.

At the same time, 17 were planted out on a site further to the west. The soil there is also heavy clay, but unditched and usually wet with runoff from the Dolman Ridge. By the fall of 2004, only 6 remained alive there, of which 4 were growing weakly; the rest had rotted. As a result, the 4 that were doing poorly (in the wettest portion of the site) were transplanted to the east group where it is hoped they will do better. By fall 2007, several have reached a meter in height.

John Sankey

a typical tree August 2007