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I'm fascinated by the universe and all that's in it. Here are a few of the things I've discovered so far.
With my background in brain modelling and artificial intelligence, my motto is "An idea that isn't communicated is just a brain wave". So, anyone may copy, link to, or distribute anything on this site as much as they wish, as long as this notice of permission to further copy is distributed with all copies. That's the only restriction I put on them - that they remain absolutely free to all. No one may restrict their further use in any way, by collection copyright, physical copy prevention, or any other means.
The courtesy of a credit is always appreciated.
For many years, I've tried to include informative links in all my pages. However, the rate at which they are broken has increased so dramatically (almost a hundred broken in one month was decision time) that I've had to resort to simply deleting broken links and not replacing them. (I've still got almost 3000. Thank you,
My apologies; I hope you make an effort, as I do, to keep link URI's constant.
None of my pages use Java, Javascript or any other sort of interaction with your browser. As a result, I've eschewed HTTPS to ensure that everyone can read them.

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