The Nuttery : Volume 1 Number 4 Nov/Dec 1982

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The Winter meeting of the Ottawa Chapter of SONG will be held on January 7th, at 7:30 PM, in the Large Conference Room in the Ottawa Citizen building on Baxter Road, just off the Queensway at Pinecrest. Everyone is welcome to attend, including children, so bring the family. There will be a short meeting to discuss business, followed by exhibits and a question and answer session. Refreshments will be provided. For more information, please contact a member of SONG.

Members of SONG are kindly requested to help provide the refreshments by bringing a dish to the meeting, a sweet or a savoury. Please call Irmi Underwood at 839-5563 to help coordinate.

Research in Nut Uses

The nut use group seeks information on methods of harvesting, storing, preparing, and the use of nut meats, hulls and husks. Foods, dyes, pharmaceuticals and decorations are among the uses contemplated. We are interested in references to books, magazine articles, and so on, as well as in first-hand accounts, and even second-hand accounts. Uses of both domesticated and wild nuts by our contemporaries and ancestors are relevant. Of special interest are old, almost forgotten uses. We would like to receive all information in writing. Books themselves, photocopies of relevant sections, or of articles, would be most welcome. Books would, or course, be returned if required, but donated material would be good to get.. Hand written accounts would be cherished. Please send your contributions to Hank Jones, 94 Cameron Ave., Ottawa Ontario K1S 0X1



The Society of Ontario Nut Growers (SONG) is a group of interested people who cherish the prospect of growing the better types of nut tree in northern latitudes. Members, who may reside in urban or country locations, are situated throughout almost all of Ontario, the neighbouring provinces of Canada, and the more northern parts of the United States.

The Society had its inaugural meeting at Vineland Station, Ontario, on October 14, 1972. Membership has since grown from the original 17 to the current level of about 800. The Society is enthusiastic about making nut trees a major source of high quality protein food for an increasingly hungry world. Nurserymen and owners of orchards are expanding into nut growing. Already half-a-dozen of the Conservation Authorities in Ontario have, with SONG's help established Nut Groves, as we like to call the demonstration nut tree plantations.

There are a number of services provided by SONG. Newsletters describing cultural practices for nut trees are published twice yearly. Regular meetings are scheduled to demonstrate such topical items as planting and grafting techniques and also to view the production performance of nut tree selections and cultivars.

Membership is open to all who are interested in growing nut trees. Inquiries may be sent to - R.D.Campbell, Editor, Society of Ontario Nut Growers, RR#1, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont. L0S 1J0.

Ottawa Area Chapter

SONG's first regional chapter was formed in 1978, in Eastern Ontario. Members of SONG there realized that much hardier trees would be needed than in Ontario's south, where the current research and development work was centered, and that they would have to rely to a considerable extent on their own initiative. Distance also made it difficult and expensive to take part in all the field activities of SONG. The Society approved the creation of the Ottawa Area Chapter to cover the middle Ottawa River Valley and the Rideau, South Nation and Mississippi River valleys.

The Ottawa Area Chapter has an active membership of about 30, holds five or six meetings and field days a year, and facilitates seed and plant exchanges. It has assisted the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority to set up a nut grove on the Rideau near Kars. Those interested in joining the Chapter should contact one of the following: Irmi Underwood, Secretary, 839-5563; Bill Dickson, Treasurer, 828-5336; Alec Jones, Chair, 828-6459.

Brief to OMNR

The Growing of Nut Trees in Eastern Ontario

This brief has been prepared by the Ottawa Area Chapter of the Society of Ontario Nut Growers (SONG). The Society, formed in 1972, has 800 members who cherish the prospect of growing better nut trees in northern latitudes.

The Ottawa Area Chapter was formed in 1978, in the realization that much hardier trees would be needed in Eastern Ontario than in Southern Ontario, where the current development work is centered. Our Chapter gets all the information it can from southern activities, but must seek its own solutions to the problems peculiar to this region.

We have received much encouragement and practical cooperation in this pioneer work from the Canadian Forestry Service, Agriculture Canada and the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority.

We have also received much encouragement and sympathy from the members of the Forestry Division of your Ministry in this Region. But official, practical cooperation has been minimal because of departmental policy. The purpose of this brief is to ask you to change this policy.

Specifically, we ask that the Eastern Ontario Forest Region be allowed to officially cooperate with SONG, and to assist by seed collecting, growing nursery stock, distributing this through the WIA and through the Conservation Authorities (as recommended by the Association of Conservation Authorities in their Report on Forest Management of January 1982), and by disseminating information on pertinent research and development work.

We believe your Ministry should be interested in helping us to promote the growing of nut trees in Eastern Ontario because:

We understand that the Ministry's policy of non-encouragement of nut growing in Eastern Ontario stems from a feeling that it is neither practicable, nor as important as the growing of fibre-producing species.

We believe that the feasibility of growing nut trees in our area has been demonstrated, in that

We realise that growing of nut trees may not seem as urgent as the growing of fast fibre- producing trees, currently having top priority in this region. But we contend that growing nut trees can be just as important because

We respectfully request that you consider the proposed change in policy, and inform us of your decision.

Submitted to the Hon. Alan W. Pope, Minister of Natural Resources, on behalf of the Ottawa Area Chapter of the Society of Ontario Nut Growers by F.R.Park, Past Chair, A.C.Jones, Chair, 8th December 1982.

Provided by ECSONG. Feel free to copy with a credit.