The Nuttery : Volume 2 Number 1 Spring 1983

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Calendar of Events

Time Where/What Presented By Information
April 23
Baxter Workshop
Baxter Nut Grove Work Party
Silviculture Group Fil Park 749-1156
bring shovel, Dutch hoe, and handtools
April 30 10:00 Rhodes Nursery Horticulture Group Alec Jones 828-6459
Saturday   meet at Merrickville at the Canal Block House
This is tentative - please call Alec before coming
June 19
TBA Spring Picnic Membership Group   Bill Dickson 828-5336
July 23
TBA Summer Field Day Silviculture Group Lorne Harrison 821-2474
Oct. 22
TBA Fall Field Day Survey Group Davis Myers 233-5972
Jan 13
TBA Winter Meeting
Citizen Conference Room
Communications &
Nut Use Groups
Jim Bartley 995-2664

Dear Member

This mailing to you contains 3 items:

  1. The special issue of the Nuttery which announces the schedule for this year's field days and executive meetings as well as other news.
  2. The list of current members, as of 8 April 1983. If you have been overlooked our apologies and please let Bill Dickson know.
  3. The official minutes of the last annual general meeting on 19 March 1983

Only our members have received items 2 & 3. The Nuttery however will be as widely distributed as our resources allow.

The Chair


There is some confusion about subscriptions to the Ottawa Chapter, and to SONG itself. Though our chapter is part of SONG, either must be subscribed to separately. A payment of dues to the chapter will not get a membership in SONG. Likewise, membership fees paid to SONG do not give membership in the chapter. Separate dues must be paid. If you have any questions, please call Bill Dickson, 828-5336

The Horticulture Group is interested in testing out trees' viability in most microclimatic zones and soil types in eastern Ontario. We would like to establish test nurseries in various locations. A number of members have already volunteered plots. We will use surplus stock where possible. If you would like to get involved, please let us know (plots welcome!). The plots will be monitored by their contributors and detailed records will be kept, so as the years pass, the data (and our knowledge) will grow. Alec Jones 828-6459

From the Nut Use Group - a reminder about sending in any information you have about nut harvesting, storage, processing or using. We have begun compiling the Handbook on Nut Uses. Timo Aasen 737-3374

The Communications Group has changed its name to the Communications Committee because it has accepted the ongoing job of being the editorial staff for the Nuttery. The committee will help the editor in all ways needed, and will print and distribute the newsletter. Also, the committee is putting the final touches to a new Ottawa Chapter Information Brochure, to be given wide distribution. There is lots of room for new committee members! Hank Jones 731-5237

With the year's field days all scheduled, it was decided to also schedule regular executive meetings to precede each event by 3 to 4 weeks. Also, the publishing of the Nuttery, where possible would coincide with the exec. meetings. Thus, the executive will now be able to ensure plans for each field day are well in hand and that all the news, especially announcements, are published and received about one week in advance of every event. Please pass to these meetings any business you feel the exec. should conduct, and any news to be printed in the Nutttery.

The Executive Schedule: 8 April 1983; 23 May 1983; 30 June 1983; 24 September 1983; 8 December 1983; 2 March 1984.

Next year's Annual General Meeting is scheduled for 24 March 1984 at the Baxter Center. Hank Jones, Chair

Provided by ECSONG. Feel free to copy with a credit.