The Nuttery : Volume 2 Number 3 Spring Picnic 1983

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Spring Picnic Announcement

Sunday 19 June 1983
The spring field day of the chapter will be a picnic for members and their families!
! Come One, Come All !
(see map on enclosed card)

The Membership Group has arranged a picnic at the farm of its convenor, Bill Dickson. The picnic will be a social occasion first and foremost - but with a tour of the Dickson Farm thrown in for free.

The schedule is

Bring bug spray and lawn chairs
Come relax and enjoy

Promoting Nut Tree Growing

Alec Jones has kindly undertaken to speak about nut tree growing on three occasions recently. On May 2, he spoke to the Westboro Kiwanis by invitation of member Bill Dickson, who is also our chapter treasurer. On the morning of May 5, he spoke on hardwood forest renewal at the annual consultation meeting of Environment Canada on Strategy for the Eighties, on behalf of Orbita Consultants Ltd. That evening, he gave a talk on nut growing to the Ottawa Chapter of the Canadian Organic Growers Association, of which he is a member.

Our Chapter thanks Alec for this contribution to nut growing and we hope other members will do the same when they perceive an opportunity to speak. Irmi Underwood, our photo librarian, is considering compiling a slide show from the growing collection, which would be available to members for "spreading the word". If you wish to see the text of Alec's speeches, copies are available in the Chapter's files.

Again, our thanks to Alec - keep up the good work!

The Nut Use Group

We have received information about nut-derived dyes from Gail Aasen of Ottawa, who is keenly interested in fabrics and weaving. Our thanks to Gail, and a reminder to others of our call for any info about nut harvesting, storing, processing, or uses. We also have started collecting nut jokes, this being a fertile field for English speakers! Please send your nut jokes to Mark Jones at 94 Cameron Ave, Ottawa K1S 0X1. All other info, please send to Timo Aasen, 10 Harvard Ave K1S 4Z1.

The summer Field Trip to Petawawa

As you know, the Silviculture Group has kindly agreed to arrange the chapter's Summer Field Day. They have chosen to take us to the Forest Station at Petawawa, Ontario. Because of the distance, they are considering hiring a bus so we can all travel together. Lorne Harrison, the group's convenor, will be canvassing during the Spring Picnic to find out how many people plan on going to Petawawa. If there is enough interest, the bus will be feasible.

Staff at the station will be guiding us throughout the day. Plan now on attending, and be sure Lorne counts you at the Picnic!

The Silviculture Report

On May 3, the Group met at Fil Park's house. Highlights of the meeting follow.

At the end of April, about 100 black walnuts were dug at Hubert Rhode's nursery in Merrickville and distributed amongst attending members. The trees were to be planted in areas of the recipient's choice. It is hoped that the trees will find their way to a variety of microclimates and soil types. Alec Jones recorded recipient's names and will follow up with a questionnaire to document the sites and monitor the trees' growth.

Mark Schaefer, our MNR advisor, reported that Ed Taylor of the National Capital Commission wants nut tree seedlings for the NCC Nursery at Innes Road. Contact Mark if you have anything to offer.

The Group decided it will recommend on what species/varieties of nut trees that could be planted at various sites such as Baxter and similar areas.

Durable tree tags are hard to come by. Trevor Cole, the Dominion Arboretum arborist, suggested those available from Carl Frensch in Grimsby. Fil Park has obtained 500. The tags are aluminum with copper wire ties. They certainly look durable. They are available to members for 10 cents each from Fil Park 749-1156 or Alec Jones 828-6459

Provided by ECSONG. Feel free to copy with a credit.