The Nuttery : Volume 2 Number 4 Summer Field Day 1983

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The summer field day will be held on the 27 August, 1983 at Irmi Underwood's establishment, the Woodhouse Tree Farm. Follow Highway 17 (the Queensway) west, about a mile or so past the Almonte turnoff, near the 7th Line. On the west side, there is a large sign for the farm. There will be other signs in the area. Activities will start at 11:00 AM.

The formal program will last from 1:00 PM until 3:00 PM. There will be several presentations, demonstrations, and tours. The day is brought to you by our Horticultural Group. Please bring your lunch and refreshments - and a lawn chair or two.

For more information, call Irmi at 839-5563 or Lorne Harrison at 821-2474 in Metcalfe.

See you all there.

Chapter Brochure

You will find an attractive yellow brochure in the envelope. It is our new chapter brochure, explaining our goals and current projects. Note also the membership application form.

This is the draft limited edition. We will be printing 500-1000 of the final version shortly. These will be widely distributed by all our members. The brochure will be available by our fall field day.

A very special thanks to Irmi Underwood, who drafted the text, prepared the layout, arranged the printing, etc. etc.

An excellent job, Irmi. Thanks from all of us.

Hubert Rhodes

Hubert Rhodes, our professional horticulturalist, has left our area to take up a new business on Vancouver Island. We will all miss him. His extensive and intimate knowledge of Nut Trees put our chapter in business. He masterminded our lists of trees and varieties which either grow here or could grow here. He also led us in determining the optimum layout of trees for the Baxter Nut Grove. We wish all success out west, and herewith make him a perpetual member of our chapter. He will receive a complimentary copy of every Nuttery. We hope he will keep in touch and continue to give us the benefit of his arboreal knowledge.

Many thanks and best wishes, Hubert!

A Welcome

Welcome to two new members, Margaret and Alan Bruce of Metcalfe. And a welcome back to Irene Woolford of Winchester and Pat McManus of Portland.

Provided by ECSONG. Feel free to copy with a credit.