The Nuttery : Volume 2 Number 5 Fall Field Day 1983

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The Fall Field Day, brought to you by the Survey Group, will be held on Saturday, 22 October 1983. It will start at 9:30 AM and end at 3:30 PM.

Meet at the Britannia Filtration Plant on the Ottawa River at Britannia (leave Carling Ave. northward onto Britannia Road. Drive to the end of the road and turn right. The Filtration plant is straight ahead. Meet on the south side of the building.)

The day will be spent inspecting various nut trees on several sites in the environs of Ottawa. Seed will be gathered where available. The sites have been chosen from our Inventree Site Report card file. The sites will be documented for Inventree as part of the day's activities. The tour will include the Britannia facility, Vincent Massey Park and the Lemieux Island Filtration Plant.

Bring your lunch and refreshments. Bar-b-que facilities and picnic tables will be available. Bring your own charcoal.

A seed exchange will be held during lunch. If you bring seed to exchange, please have the following information available for the recipient of the seed:

For the seed acceptor - please note the above particulars for all seed you accept. Preferably, place each type of seed in its own bag with a tag noting the data placed in the bag. Ensure that your acquisitions are noted in the Seed Exchange Log Book so that data on the subsequent development of the seed can be monitored by the Horticulture Group.

Thanks to the Horticulture Group for organizing the first formal seed exchange for the chapter.

Out for Nuts

When a journalist tried to reach Dr. Barbara McClintock, who won the 1983 Nobel Prize in Medicine for her discovery of "jumping genes" 30 years ago, she was unavailable for comment: she was "out on her nature walk, picking walnuts".


Four new sites have been reported to Inventree Site Cards. Thanks to Randy Renaud for reporting a black walnut of known age on Kingsley Road, Ottawa. Lorne Harrison reports a Heartnut just south of Kenmore. T. Richardson of the MNR reports a grove of white oak in S. Sherbrooke Twp. Alec Jones describes an enormous black walnut at the Royal Ottawa Golf Club.

Our thanks to the above reporters. Keep the cards coming!

Summer Field Day

When the trip to Petawawa didn't materialise, Irmi came to the rescue with an invitation to her place, Wood House Tree Farm, for Aug.27. People arrived in time for a chat and a look around before eating their picnic lunches, admirably extended by Irmi's fresh corn, salads, lemonade and coffee at the sugarhouse. On an unfulfilled threat of rain, the dozen or more people moved into a convenient and airy building with hay bales and other seating for the presentations.

Before introducing the program, Hank thanked Irmi not only for the venue and the lunch but for her good work (and Paul's) in having the Ottawa Area Chapter folder designed and samples printed. He handed out some copies for comment - all favourable.

Alec Jones gave a talk on grafting, showing how to make butt and whip-and-tongue grafts on sample twigs. He also gave out copies of a 13-page paper from the parent organization, called Grafting, Budding. Meanwhile, Hank demonstrated sharpening a knife, a very sharp one needed so as not to leave any rough edges for infection. It is important to wash the knife off carefully after sharpening, as any trace of mineral oil will seal the ducts through which liquids must pass.

Next, Lorne Harrison passed around a few bitternut hickory nuts from a neighbour's bush, and a photo of a heartnut tree he planted the year he joined the chapter, probably 1978, the starting year, and from which he got 15 nuts this year, his first crop. He will probably bring them to the Fall Field Day for the seed exchange. Jim Bartley then reported on his northern pecans.

After the talks, Irmi led us first on a walk to see nearby points of interest - including a spruce grove, a maple tree that had been almost completely gnawed around by a beaver and a beech tree - and then took us on a wagon tour of her many plantations, including one of exotic firs, and one of a variety of nut trees in the gardens behind her house.

All felt that it had been a well-thought-out day, and one which had gone according to plan - a very pleasant one too.

Alphonsus Campbell

It is with sadness and regret the chapter notes the death of chapter member Dr. Alphonsus Campbell. One of our original members, his interest in nut trees spanned many years. Our condolences to his family and his many friends.

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