The Nuttery : Volume 2 Number 6 Winter Meeting

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The Winter Meeting
To be held at
The Citizen Building
in the Baxter Center, Ottawa
Tuesday, 10 January 1984,
at 7:30 PM
For more information call:
Alec Jones 828-6459   Fil Park 749-1156
or any of the Executive

The forthcoming Winter Meeting promises to be a full, fast moving, and informative evening. Fil and Alec have managed to pack half-a-dozen (and more) presentations, demonstrations, a seed exchange, and nutfood banquet all into the one program!

We will be hearing from a number of distinguished speakers, highlighted by John Watt, Lorne Henderson, Mark Schaefer, and Jim Bartley, the editor of our Nuttery.

All things being equal, we will have a slide show by Irmi Underwood, our Chapter's photo- archivist and an accomplished photographer. Last year's show was filled with sight and sound! Many of the pictures were breathtaking! And a promise of more to come!

Bring any seed or scions you can exchange. The Horticulture Group is prepared to record the give-and-take, and to track the development of the young trees-to-be. The data they gather now will become our Chapter's base of knowledge about growing nut trees locally!

You will see several nut use tools in action at the demonstrations! One of these will be a mystery tool whose purpose you should try to guess!

Special Notice:
Kathleen Jones will be coordinating the nutfood banquet. If you are planning to prepare something, want a recipe, or have some nuts to contribute, please call Kathleen at 828-6459. Last year's contributors to the banquet did a scrumptious job, and we encourage them to join in again this year!

The Winter Meeting is a social affair - we will avoid business matters (maybe just a couple of small items!). Please bring family, friends and neighbours. Our meeting room in The Citizen building is large, with many comfortable seats, and a fully equipped kitchen!

We hope to see you there!

Fall Field Day '83

The Survey Group arranged this year's day. We looked for three quite different sites just a few minutes driving apart. The Britannia Water Plant, Vincent Massey Park and Lemieux Island were chosen. The day's theme was documenting these sites in Inventree.

At Britannia, our Field Day group of seven found horsechestnut, ginkgo, oaks, butternut, black walnut, and locust. Moe Anderson had measured the horsechestnut in 1975, so we got our first Inventree comparison. Mark Schaefer will be talking about this at the Winter Meeting.

At Vincent Massey, we had lunch and our first Seed Exchange, arranged by the Horticulture Group. The details of the seeds exchanged were recorded on the newly prepared "exchange record form".

At Lemieux Island, we found a magnificent stand of black walnut and many species of oaks. We were tantalised by a mature ginkgo growing inaccessibly in a fenced-off area.

Mark Schaefer will have all the details of our innovative field day at the Winter Meeting!

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