The Nuttery : Volume 3 Number 1 April 1984

In this Issue...

Work Program at the Baxter Nut Grove

The Baxter Nut Grove Liaison Committee and the Silviculture Group are co-sponsoring two work parties at the Nut Grove. The Grove is just west of the Baxter Conservation Area on the Rideau River near Kemptville. Two work days are offered: one on a Saturday for those busy on Sundays, and the other the following Sunday week for those busy on Saturdays!

Saturday, 5 May 0900-1500 hrs: the party will examine the site for survival rates, confirm the grove map records, repair any winter damage, and move stock if necessary. The Horticulture Group will meet at the grove during lunch hour.

Sunday, 13 May 1000-lunch: the work started on Saturday will be completed.
1300-1500 hrs: a joint meeting of the Nut Grove Liaison Committee and the Silviculture Group will be held at the grove after lunch. The topics for discussion include future programs and work at the grove, completing the Report of the Baxter Nut Grove Task Force, horticultural interests in the grove's nursery area, special interests in silviculture, and new projects/programs.

For all members and friends. Bring your lunches, refreshments, work clothes and suitable tools. For more info call Fil Park, 749-1156 or Lorne Harrison, 821-2474.


The new Chapter executive for 1984 includes: Hank Jones, Chair, 731-5237; Bill Dickson, Vice-Chair, 828-5336; Paul Bender, secretary/treasurer, 224-1102; Alec Jones, past-chair, 8286459; Fil Park, councillor, 749-1156; George Joiner, councillor, 749-2468; Cliff Craig, councillor, 692-3571; Irmi Underwood, councillor, 839-5563; Mark Schaefer, special advisor, 836-1237.

At the first executive meeting this year, Paul Bender our treasurer agreed to be the secretary also. Our thanks to Paul for taking on this second job. Also, Bill Dickson has agreed to act as vice- chair for this term. He will stand in for the chair when necessary. He will also coordinate the work of the Convenors of our Special Interest Groups and report on progress and problems to the executive. The Chapter thanks Bill for taking on this job. Jim Bartley is working hard on his new house in the Gatineau, and feels he has not as much time to be the Nuttery Editor as he would like. Agnes Macintosh has agreed to undertake this important job. Many thanks to Jim for being our first Nuttery Editor and getting our modest newsletter off the ground! And best wishes to Agnes as Jim's successor!

Cinnamon Sugar Nuts

The second in our series of nut recipes is from Mary Jane Jones. It is an old recipe handed down from her mother who used pecans grown in her own garden in New Mexico.

1 cup granulated sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
¼ tsp salt
6 Tbsp milk
1 tsp vanilla
2½ cup walnut or pecan halves
(we might try other species too, as an experiment)

Combine sugar, cinnamon, salt and milk in saucepan. Cook stirring to soft ball stage (this happens quickly - 236°F on candy thermometer). Remove from heat. Add vanilla and nuts. Stir until creamy (this also happens fast!). Turn out quickly onto waxed paper and separate nuts from one another. Work fast! Let cool - Yummy! Brown sugar works too. Mary Jane makes these nutritious confections for special occasions. Thanks, MJ!

Special Interest Group programs

To help members enjoy the activities of our six Special Interest Groups, the chair asked each convenor to draft a program for the year. These reports are primarily for members who might want to join in, but aren't clear on what the groups might be doing.

Provided by ECSONG. Feel free to copy with a credit.