The Nuttery : Volume 4 Number 3 July 1985

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Event Announcement

The Executive of the Ottawa Area Chapter of SONG and the Silviculture Group are pleased to announce the Chapter's Summer Field Day and the 1985 Annual General Meeting of SONG will be held concurrently at the Baxter Interpretive Center, Baxter Conservation Area, near Kemptville, on Saturday the 27th of July 1985 starting at 11:25 AM

This year, our Chapter is hosting the 1985 AGM of our parent organization, the Society of Ontario Nut Growers. The meeting will be publicised in Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec, and the public will be invited: Helen Bender is handling publicity.

The day's program includes:
11:00 AMRegistration. Be sure to sign in and get your name badge.
11:25 AMThe RVCA and Host Welcome to the Baxter Conservation Area
11;30 to 12:30The SONG AGM Business Meeting, presided over by Heinz Baumgarten, the President of SONG.
12:30 to 1:30Lunch. Bring your own, and Irmi Underwood is arranging for fresh salad and refreshments for a modest fee. Bar-b-que sites are available.
1:30 to 1:45Overview of Ottawa Area Chapter of SONG & Presentations. Hank Jones, the Ottawa Area Chapter Chair, will overview the Chapter's goals and programs. Jim Bartley, our Vice-Chair will describe Inventree and its objectives.
1:45 to 2:00Orientation for the Baxter Nut Grove Tour. Fil Park will explain the Baxter Nut Grove. George Joiner will then explain the arrangements for the tour.
2:00 to 2:15Travel to the Nut Grove. Those walking to the Grove will meet at the head of the Fiddlehead Trail. Those driving will meet at the Workshop. Those needing transportation will be taken by RVCA Bus. We all meet at the Grove's new pond.
2:30 to 3:30The Conducted Tour of the Nut Grove. Alec Jones, Fil Park and George Joiner will conduct the Grove tour, which will take about an hour. We meet back at the pond.
3:30Appreciations and Adjournment will take place at the Nut Grove.

For more information, call Cliff Craig at the RVCA, 692-3571, during the day, or Hank Jones, 731-5237 in the evenings.

Report on the 1985 Spring Picnic

Ottawa, in its own right, has many pertinent nut tree sites yet to be discovered. Therefore it was fitting, that instead of going out of town for this year's annual spring picnic on June 16th, we gathered at Ottawa's Billings Estate. Even though the sky threatened rain, about a dozen hardy souls met at the museum estate. After some of us took the proffered tour of the building, we met for a prearranged lunch in the basement lunch room. Most brought their own, but some took advantage of the estate's lunch service which provided a large tray of sandwiches, drinks and cakes (including a nut loaf!). This lunch service was fun and nobody went hungry!

After lunch, George Truscott, who has explored the adjacent regions, led us on a tour of the grounds and the nearby ravines, in search of nut trees. He showed us two good-sized butternuts near the estate cemetery. Across Bank St., in Sawmill Creek Ravine, we found a good stand of butternut, probably suitable for superior seed collection. One giant tree is about 3' DBH, over 8' around. Along the way, those of us new to nutting were given pointers on recognizing nut trees. We also saw evidence of acid rain damage: we should investigate the possible harm it might be doing to nut trees. As we returned to the estate, George showed us a stand of 6 black walnut, all about 4 to 5" in diameter.

All in all, it was a most pleasant and worthwhile day! Our thanks to George and the Membership SIG for this experience.

Polly Forrestall

Survey of Member's Interests in Nut Tree Growing.

This is a questionnaire. Over the years, the executive has been developing programs and projects according to the original interests of our membership. For example, the special interest groups, with their technical projects, represent one of these programs.

In the last year, our membership has grown dramatically to nearly 70 souls. It is time for us to examine the needs of this expanded membership, and to review the scope of our programs accordingly.

To begin this process, the executive has prepared the following 4-section questionnaire. Please take a few moments to answer the questions, then send your answers to the Chair, Hank Jones at 94 Cameron Ave., Ottawa K1S 0X1, or hand them in at the next meeting (at the Baxter Interpretive Center, 27 July).
Section 1Chapter Function
1.1Are you able to get information about our chapter, its executive, SIGs, membership services, and its administrative functioning as easily as you would like? What improvements can you suggest?
1.2Are you satisfied with the number and arrangement of chapter meetings and events? How can we improve meetings?
1.3Are you interested in participating in executive or convenorship roles? How can we improve access to the executive and its functions?
Section 2Communication and Publicity
2.1Does the Nuttery have the information you want? How can it be improved?
2.2Should be make the Nuttery notebook-sized, i.e.8½" by 11"? What other improvements can be made?
2.3Are you satisfied with our brochure? What improvements can we make in public information?
2.4Are you satisfied with our use of the public media?
Section 3Activity Interests
3.1Which activities are you interested in? Library and field research, writing and reporting, technical and scientific projects, fund raising, publicity, social activities, membership services? Others?
3.2Could the Special Interest Groups be improved? What changes could be made?
Section 4Comments
Undoubtedly, you have comments and suggestions not covered in the above questions. Please comment freely!

New Appointments to Convenorships

There are two new appointments to Chapter Special Interest Group Convenorships. (The last issue of the Nuttery reviewed the present status of all the SIGs and how to get in touch with their convenors - this is an update to that article.

First, Irmi Underwood has enthusiastically accepted the convenorship of the Silviculture SIG. Irmi is the owner and founder of Woodhouse Tree Farms, and a professional silviculturalist.

Our special thanks to the retiring convenor, Lorne Harrison, who has been the group's convenor since it was first established. Lorne has the distinction of being the first member to have produced seed from seed planted in after the establishment of the Chapter.

If you wish to know more about the Silviculture SIG and its projects, or if you are not presently a participant, or you have a relevant project you want the group to undertake, Irmi can be reached at 839-5563 in Carp.

Polly Sue Forrestall, our Carleton University student, has graciously accepted the convenorship of the Nut Use SIG. Polly says she is interested in learning more about all aspects of nut tree use, and at the moment she is specially interested in learning to identify trees in the field. We can look forward to lots of useful information from the Nut Use SIG in the future.

Our appreciative thanks to Timo Aasen, who has been the SIG's convenor during this last year. Timo started a bibliography of nut use literature on his home computer, and we hope such work can continue, so that a bibliography can be published in the Nuttery soon.

To get information or to get involved in the Nut Use Group, call Polly in Ottawa at 233-5189.

Our thanks to Bill Dickson, who recently retired and is now a travelling man, for steering the Membership SIG since its inception. Bill says since he wouldn't be around much for the next couple of years, a new convenor would be a good idea. Anyone keen on publicity, recruiting and membership services call the Chair Hank Jones at 731-5237 in Ottawa.

Also, the Survey SIG is looking for a new convenor. Cynthia Ross, to whom we are most grateful for her efforts in surveying local seed sites, is moving out of the area soon and thinks she should pass the convenor's flame! The job entails managing Inventree, organizing the Chapter's Fall Field Day, and supporting the Survey SIG's projects. If you want more information, call Cynthia at 729-9115 in Ottawa, or call Hank.

As you know, convenors can make things happen! If you have ideas to implement, get on the phone to put your bid in toute suite.

The Chair

New Member for the Month

We wish to welcome Loretta Marquardt of Marquardt Printing where our Nuttery goes to press each issue. Hope to see you at our next meeting at Baxter.

Nut Rolls

24 slices white sandwich bread
½ cup soft butter
1 fresh pineapple
1½-2 cup finely chopped pecans or cashews

Trim crusts from slices of fresh white bread and spread each with softened butter. Turn buttered- side down. Place a finger length stick, 1/3" square of fresh pineapple across one end of slice and roll up tightly (buttered side will be on the outside). Roll each in finely chopped nuts. Wrap securely in waxed paper and chill until ready to serve.

Editor's Note

The new appearance of the type face in this issue of the Nuttery is due to the new Olympia NP dot-matrix printer on the computer system that composed our Nuttery. I hope you like it! We are able to get about 30% more information in the same space with the new system.

We need more technical/scientific authors. We are asking for articles on any subject, such as grafting, transplanting, field identification, nursery maintenance, etc. If you are able, or you know someone who is, call the Editor at 722-5338 right away.

Notes from the Horticulture SIG

The contents of the Stratification Pit at Baxter were distributed by the members of our Seed Distribution Committee on 27 April 1985. The names and addresses of 59 recipients were recorded. We hope that all will report on the success of their plantings on the questionnaire to be distributed to them later. A sum of $46 was contributed by them towards the cost of the project.

This project was a resounding success and the chapter owes the committee a considerable debt - Dr. Gordon McArthur, Dr. George Christie and Dr. George Truscott.

A second item in the vein of seed management is the prospective seed collection this coming Fall, 1985. Encouraged by the success of the seed program in 1984/85, the Hort SIG plans to repeat the operation in 1985/86. There may not be a bumper crop this fall, but we have learned of new sources that might make up any deficiency. The next issue of the Nuttery will contain more information on plans.

In particular, the Nuttery's Technical Section will include note on the criteria for selecting superior sources of seed, and on other aspects of seed selection, storage, and handling. This information is coming directly from Peter Janas, Head of the National Tree Seed Bank at Petawawa, who is also a member of our Chapter.

If you want in on the action, call me as soon as possible. Alec Jones, Convenor, Horticulture SIG 828-6459 Ottawa.

Reminder of Forthcoming Events

  1. Fall Field Day, Oct. 12, 1985
  2. Project Report Meeting (evening), Nov. 27, 1985 (new)
  3. Winter Meeting (evening), Jan 15, 1986
  4. AGM at Baxter Area, Mar. 15, 1986

Executive meetings are held Fridays on the following dates: Sept. 13, Oct. 25, Dec. 6 1985, and Feb. 14 1986.

Provided by ECSONG. Feel free to copy with a credit.