The Nuttery : Volume 4 Number 6 December 1985

In this Issue...

Announcement of Winter Meeting

The Nut Use SIG is pleased to announce the Chapter's 1985/86 Winter Meeting to be held on Wednesday, 15 Jan., 1986, at the Billings Estate on Cabot St. in Ottawa. Registration starts at 7:30 PM.

Come join in the Round Table Discussion. Ask your questions! Answer the questions of others. Trade tips, techniques, ideas in this new open forum-style meeting! Any and everyone gets a say! The open discussions will be recorded, and afterwards summarized for publication in successive issues of the Nuttery, and possibly published as a booklet later.

Plan to attend and bring family and friends. Bring any artefacts, tools, jewellery, toys, books, written articles, etc. etc. on nuts to the mid-meeting Show-and-Tell! For more information, call Polly Forrestall, Ottawa 233-5189.

Upcoming Business

The next issue of the Nuttery will emphasize arrangements for the forthcoming Chapter Annual General Meeting. Elections of officers is the most important issue. Please consider running for office! Your Chapter needs a strong Executive and it needs you! Consider Chairing, Vice- Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, or one of the four Councillors. There are 8 positions in all.

The next Executive meeting will be held Friday Feb. 14 at 7:30 PM at the Chair's abode. The deadline for the next Nuttery (vol.4 no.7) is Saturday, 22 February, 1986.

Report of the Projects Report Meeting

Our first ever Projects Report Meeting was held the 27th of November in the basement of the Museum of Man on MacLeod St. in Ottawa. Though the group was small, discussion was lively and many good ideas tabled. The purpose of the meeting was to be a forum for all SIG convenors to report their group's activities in the past year.

Hank Jones, as Chapter Chair, discussed the organization of the Chapter's Executive and the need for fresh faces thereon in the forthcoming year 1986/87.

Polly Forrestall's outline of the activities of her Nut Use Group triggered many suggestions on ways and means of handling the new Bibliography and the possibilities for the planned Cookbook. Concern and some ideas were expressed on how we might access the information referenced in the Bibliography.

Dick Bell showed samples of a new style of surficial geology/topography map that the Survey Group plans to use to plot out the premier Inventree sites, as will be classified by Peter Janas' new tree site evaluation system. Members thought the maps most suitable and attractive.

The Nuttery Editor, the evening's meeting host Agnes MacIntosh, who is also Chair of the Communications SIG, explained how each issue of the Nuttery is compiled and published. She reminded the audience how important the newsletter information is to an organization as scattered as ours, where outlying members can only attend meetings occasionally.

During a brief mid-meeting break, most graciously catered by Councillor Louise Watt, Mark Jones demonstrated two inertial nutcrackers, and home-made black walnut stain, and showed some artefacts made of various nut woods.

Our convenor for Horticulture, Alec Jones, was unable to attend as he was sojourning in Connecticut. His presentation was read by the Chapter Chair, who noted the considerable contribution this SIG was making in collecting germination and growth data from many sites in the Ottawa Valley and western Quebec.

As time was running short and our Secretary was unable to attend due to work overload (our condolences!), the important work of the new Promotions Committee was skipped.

The last presentation, by the new convenor of the Silviculture SIG, Irmi Underwood, brought to the members' attention that there are several planted nut tree sites on NCC property that have been informally managed by her, Mark Schaefer and others for the last few years. She strongly urged the Chapter to make formal representations to the NCC to recognize these special sites, and to designate them for special planning consideration. Arrangements should be made very soon for the Chapter and the NCC to jointly care for these trees.

Finally, the attendees recommended that this Project Reports Meeting continue as the annual call, and forum, for SIG Convenors' detailed technical reports.

SIG Project Highlights

The Silviculture SIG is still contemplating maintenance standards for the Baxter Nut Grove. The second nut grove project, been started by Irene Woolford, Winchester, is in a 5 acre plot belonging to the South Nation Conservation Authority. The project needs the help of members interested in the development of this new nut grove. Also, there are several well established plantations of nut trees on what is now NCC property. These plots need formal recognition by the NCC to ensure that they are not inadvertently destroyed. For more information on Silviculture projects, call Irmi Underwood, Convenor, at Carp 839-5563.

The Nut Use SIG is moving ahead quickly on its two main projects. First, the group has published a bibliography of nut tree literature in the Technical Section of the Nuttery. This is only the beginning. They now want more information, and skilled help to index this material for future editions of the bibliography. Their other project will be to compile, test and publish a nuttery cookbook, to be sold at a modest price to help raise funds for the Chapter. Jean Giblin is preparing the cookbook plan now - call her with your ideas at Ottawa 727-5781. For more information on Nut Use projects, call Polly Sue Forrestall, Convenor, at Ottawa 233-5189.

The Survey SIG now have a set of surficial geology/topographic maps for plotting Inventree sites. Also, the group will be drafting a users' manual for applying Peter's site classification scheme to Inventree. For more information in Survey projects, call Dick Bell, Convenor, at North Gower 489-2095.

The Horticulture SIG has stratified George Truscott's 500 lb of Black Walnuts at the Baxter Nut Grove. Also, Gordon MacArthur has sent out the questionnaire on last spring's massive seed distribution, for germination and growth data. For more information on Horticulture projects, call Alec Jones at Ottawa 828-6459.

For general information on Chapter projects, call Vice-Chair Jim Bartley at Wakefield 459- 3597.

The Winter Meeting

This year's Winter Meeting will be an experiment in capturing the wealth of technical knowledge scattered amongst our members. Instead of asking the few to address us, the Nut Use SIG, our hosts, have cleverly devised a meeting format whereby everyone attending can speak up. The evening will be an open forum, allowing the free flow of technical questions and answers throughout the room, guided only by the meeting monitor. They hope that during the course of the evening, many questions will be asked and many answers will be given. They expect that much technical wisdom and experience will out. To reap the full benefit of the information, the session will be recorded by several rapporteurs, appointed at the start, to be digested and summarised later in successive issues of the Nuttery, and possibly later in pamphlet form if the requisite time to do the work can be found. The pamphlet could be available for a time for the price of photocopying or printing.

Make notes ahead of time on any techniques you may share during the meeting, and pass them to the rapporteurs even if you do not speak about them at the meeting. See and hear you at the Winter Meeting! Call Polly Forrestall, Ottawa 233-5189.

Provided by ECSONG. Feel free to copy with a credit.