The Nuttery : Volume 5 Number 1 April 1986

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Spring Seed & Stock Exchange

The Horticulture SIG and the Baxter Liaison Committee are pleased to announce the Spring Seed & Stock Exchange at the Baxter Nut Grove in the Baxter Conservation Area near Kars on Saturday, May 3rd, 1986 starting at 10:00 AM. Bring a shovel.

For your spring planting: about 500 lb of Black Walnut seed available, bring a plastic bag. Also about 60 Black Walnut seedlings, bring small pots. Bring your own seed and seedlings for the Exchange. There is a demand for Butternut, Oak, Hickory, Hazel, Chestnut, Beech, Locust, Catalpa, Hackberry, Buckeye, Pawpaw, ginkgo, Nut Pine, Pecan, etc.

See it all done! Our experts will demonstrate stratification, seed and tree planting, site preparation, site grooming, transplanting, the safe use of herbicides, mulching, pruning, etc! Your questions answered!

Ottawa Cablevision channel 12 will be videotaping the event. For more information, call Alec Jones Ottawa 828-6459, Gordon MacArthur Clarence Creek 487-2201 or George Joiner Ottawa 749-2468.

The Baxter Field Day Sat. May 10th

The Silviculture SIG and the Baxter Liaison Committee are jointly sponsoring an all-day Work Party at the RVCA's Baxter Nut Grove near Kars, Ontario. This event is open to all members and friends who are interested in helping and, at the same time, learning to manage nut bearing trees. The Work Party will meet at the Nut Grove on Saturday May 10th in the morning. Bring shovels, rakes, a lunch and refreshments. The site has kitchen and lavatory facilities. George Joiner, who will be leading the Work Party, has the details: he can be reached at Ottawa 749-2468.

Calendar '86
The schedule of public meetings and events of the Ottawa Area Chapter of SONG for the year 1986. Watch Nuttery issues for details.

Chapter Events. All open to the public, so bring your friends and neighbours Organizing Group, SIG or Committee Event Date(s) Executive Meeting Date Nuttery number Nuttery article deadline Nuttery publication date
Spring Seed & Stock Exchange. This is the time to trade for stock for spring planting, and to learn the techniques at the Baxter Nut Grove Horticulture SIG. Alec Jones 828-6459. Gord MacArthur 487-2201 Sat 3 May Mon 7 Apr no.1 Sat. 12 Apr Mon 21 Apr
Baxter Nut Grove Field Day. Hands-on experience on all aspects of nut tree care and grounds maintenance. Baxter Liaison Committee & Silviculture SIG. George Joiner 749-2468 Sat 10 May " " " "
Annual Spring Picnic Day. Visit a member's place to meet others, to feast and exchange ideas, information and seed. Promotions Committee. Paul Bender 224-1102 Sat 28 June Thur 29 May no.2 Sat 7 June Mon 16 June
Summer Field Day. A chance to tour special sites to see ideas at work, and possible seed sources. Silviculture SIG. Irmi Underwood 839-5563 Sat 23 Aug Thur 24 July no.3 Sat 2 Aug Mon 11 Aug
Fall Field Day. To visit superior seed sites and maybe gather seed for fall planting, stratification or food. Survey SIG. Dick Bell 489-2095 Sat 25 Oct Thur 25 Sept no.4 Sat 4 Oct Mon 13 Oct
Winter Reports Meeting. A winter evening cozily indoors to learn about the many SONG projects and how you can participate and benefit. Nut Use Sig & Communications Committee. Agnes MacIntosh 722-5338, Polly Forrestall 233-5189 Wed 21 Jan 1987 Thur 18 Dec no.5 Sat 3 Jan Mon 12 Jan
Annual General Meeting The Executive Sat 21 Mar 1987 Thurs 19 Feb no.6 Sat 28 Feb Mon 9 Mar

Events are organized by the Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Committees. Field Days, usually held on Saturdays, and Meetings, usually held on weekday evenings, control the Chapter's calendar. Executive meetings and publication of the Nuttery are keyed to the dates of events: Executive meetings are held Thursdays about 4 weeks before the event, articles for the Nuttery are due the Saturday 3 weeks before, and the Nuttery is published the Monday about 2 weeks before. For more information, call the Secretary, Paul Bender, at 224-1102 in Ottawa.

Each issue of the Nuttery gives the time and place of the forthcoming event, and a report of the previous event.

Report on the AGM

The 1985 AGM was held on Saturday 22 March 1986 at the Baxter Conservation Area's Interpretive Center, thanks to our host, the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority. Thanks also to those who brought the refreshment and the confections. A seed exchange was held by the Horticulture SIG> During lunch time, many people visited the nut grove and were pleased that it passed the winter relatively intact. (Subsequently however it has sustained noticeable damage, and our Korean Nut Pines were stolen!)

A new executive was elected, including Hank Jones, Chair, John Watt, Vice-Chair, Paul Bender, Secretary/Treasurer, Mark Schaefer, Special Advisor, and four councillors: Cliff Craig, Irmi Underwood, George Truscott and Irene Woolford. We also elected a junior councillor this year, namely Mark Jones. With such an illustrious executive, we are bound to have a very interesting and productive year.

Cranberry Pecan Pie

This recipe comes from Diane Fraser's exciting recipe library. Our thanks to Diane for her superior rendition of this recipe.

3 eggs
6 Tbsp butter, melted
2/3 cup white sugar
¾ cup pecan pieces (or more)
1 cup dark corn syrup
pinch of salt
unbaked 9" pie shell

Beat eggs to blend, Stir in corn syrup, sugar, butter and salt. Sprinkle cranberries in unbaked 9" pie shell. Pour wet stuff over cranberries (they will float to the surface), then sprinkle nuts on top. Bake 50-55 minutes at 350°F (preheated). Cool before cutting.

Arbor Day Began in 1872

J. Sterling Morton fostered Arbor Day in the last century in order to dramatize the need for planting trees and to impress the meaning of conservation in the minds of citizens especially youth, says member Mark Schaefer. Arbor Day, usually celebrated the last Friday of April, gives school children the chance to plant a tree. Arrangements are made by the Boards of Education and the Parks & Recreation Departments of the City, usually weeks in advance. Trees are planted in locations adjacent to schools and in nearby parks so that as many children as possible can participate. Members of the Chapter should participate also, specially in helping make arrangements and selecting the trees.

Basting our Cookbook!

Time marches on and the cookbook is simmering. Please do not wait for us to call you for recipes - call us! The deadline to submit recipes to the Nut Use Group's Cookbook Project is Saturday May 10th. Of course, all recipes are welcome, but we need some more main dish recipes. Pretested recipes are specially preferred, so we can get your comments as well for the book. If you would like to be an official tester of the recipes that have already been submitted or you have advice about the publishing aspect of the cookbook, don't hesitate to call Polly Forrestall at 233-5189 or Hank Jones at 731-5237.

Provided by ECSONG. Feel free to copy with a credit.