The Nuttery : Volume 8 Number 3 April 1989

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The Baxter Spring Field Day will be held on Saturday. May 6, 1989 starting at 10:00 AM at the Baxter Nut Grove, Baxter Conservation Area, about 3 miles south of Kars, Ontario. This field day gives all participants hands-on experience in most aspects of nut growing. Bring a lunch, refreshments, your gardening tools and any interested acquaintances. For more information, call George Joiner, Gloucester 824-1284

The Oak Valley Field Day will be held Saturday, May 13, 1989, starting at 10:00 AM at the Oak Valley Plantation about three miles west of Winchester Springs, Ontario. This field day will give participants hands-on experience in transplanting young trees, specially Black Walnuts. Bring a lunch, refreshments, your gardening tools and any interested acquaintances - everyone welcome! For more information call Irene Woolford, Winchester 774-3385.

Spring '89 Field Days - a time to practice nut growing skills.

As usual, the Chapter is hosting two spring field days in May again this year. There is no formal meeting held during, or monetary charge for, these field days, so members are encouraged to bring friends, neighbours and relatives to participate. Usually, seed or spare stock is available for exchange.

The field days have three main purposes.

These two field days are a must for the serious and/or determined nut grower working in eastern Ontario or western Quebec. As noted, there is no charge for this activity. Everyone is welcome, member and non-member alike. So members may bring friends, relatives etc. The programs usually last most of the day, so bring a lunch and some refreshments. During lunch, information, seed and stock are often exchanged. Participants are encouraged to bring camera and to photograph the sites, trees and activities for posterity and to help document details of the work done.

See you and yours again this year at the Spring Field Days at Baxter and Oak Valley!

The Chapter's Technical Library

Alec Jones is working hard to organize the Chapter's rapidly growing library. A policy has been implemented to guide the library's future development and use:

The library carries books, pictures and media articles relevant to the interests of the Chapter. No significant funding is available at present, so that it depends on the generosity of members for donations of books and pictures. The library's main effort is collecting magazine, journal, other media articles and official publications. Contributions of such material are welcomed. The Librarian also scans the literature and selects items for the collection.

The librarian is Alec Jones, whose phone number is Ottawa 828-6459. The library is located at his address, which is 2446 Sudbury Ave., Ottawa ON K2C 1L9. Here is how you use our Technical Library:

The 1988 Annual General Meeting

The AGM this year was unusual to say the least. When we arrived at the Baxter Conservation Area Interpretive Center, the site for the meeting, we found only the smoking remains of the building. Sadly, the building had burned down during the night. No one had reported the fire, not even the person who had plowed out the roadway into the Center only minutes before we arrived!

Cliff Craig took the situation into hand immediately, called the police and fire department and also arranged for us to hold our meeting in Manotick instead. Many thanks to Cliff for rescuing our '88 AGM!

The business part of the AGM went very smoothly and quickly under the direction of Bob Scally. The Chapter is very fortunate that its officers all agreed to serve another term, and we are most grateful to them for doing this vital work on our behalf.

The afternoon technical session was conducted by Sherwood Miller, the Director of the Federal Government's Smithfield Experimental Farm near Trenton. The presentation was a signal event for the Chapter. Mr. Miller told us that a serious experimental nut growing program was being started up at Smithfield, and that about 4 years experience was now under their belts. Clearly, we will have considerable interest in this work. Len Collett pointed out that we should investigate some cooperative program of mutual benefit. Everyone agreed this must be done. See the following article on the Fall Field Day for more good news about government interest in nut growing in eastern Ontario.

This year's AGM certainly was an eventful one!

A Preview of this year's coming Fall Field Day. Your action required.

This year the Fall Field Day will be extra special. Clarence Coons, Ontario's Agro-Forestry Coordinator in the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food, on secondment from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, proposes to host the day and take the Chapter on a tour of the major sites where nut trees are growing in Leeds and Grenville counties.

This tour will be a first for both the Chapter and the Ontario Government, at least in eastern Ontario. Such a tour emphasising nut growing has never been done before. The Chapter executive believes this may be a watershed event for us, and we may be able to look forward to growing support from the provincial government for our activities in the future.

This will be a major event, so planning has already begun. The tour will be conducted on Saturday, September 23, 1989. It will begin at the Kemptville College campus leaving at about 9:00 AM and returning about 4:00 PM or sooner. In order to assure the best tour in the short time allowed, Mr. Coons plans to arrange a bus or van to carry all participants. As you can appreciate, the sooner we know how many want to attend, the better the tour can be made.

Important. Action Required. Book your seat now! Do not wait to book your seat, or a seat may not be available for you at the time of the tour. ,To book your seat (or for more information) call Bob Scally, Kanata 592-1745. If you cannot reach Bob, call or write the Nuttery Editor, Hank Jones at Ottawa 990-0252 (days) or 731-5237 (evening).

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