The Saga of a Bridge - Epilogue

The Saga of a Bridge

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7 January 2015:
Ottawa Sun: Airport Pkwy. bridge safety under review
CFRA: Safety audits for Airport Parkway Pedestrian Bridge
Ottawa Citizen: City officials to study safety concerns raised over Airport Parkway Bridge

3 February 2015:
Safety audit by councillors Brockington & Deans, with Ottawa police, transit constables and community takes place
CFRA: River Ward Councillor holding public safety audit of Airport Parkway Bridge Tuesday
Ottawa Citizen: Public invited to Airport Parkway Bridge safety audit Tuesday night
CFRA: Councillors to hold safety audit on Airport Parkway Pedestrian Bridge

10 February 2015
Ottawa Community News: City conducts safety audit of Airport Parkway bridge

18 June 2015

Google Earth updates its photo to include recent landscaping (it's an oblique photo taken from the northwest, thus of low resolution)

11 August 2015
The first lawyer's letter asking me for further information about the bridge arrives. My answer: everything I know or can confidently surmise is published here.

14 August 2015
Councillors Brockington and Deans have finally received a report from Corporate Security on the 3 February safety audit of the bridge and pathway; it's marked "Confidential - for internal use only", "release to the public is not authorized".

25 August 2015
Ottawa Community News: Second safety audit planned for Airport Parkway bridge

1 September 2015
Ottawa Citizen: Second safety audit planned for Airport Parkway Pedestrian Bridge

2 September 2015
Second safety audit by councillors Brockington & Deans, with city security staff, a transit constable and community takes place
CFRA: some drivers throwing eggs off of the Airport Parkway Pedestrian bridge at cabs heading to the Airport

4 September 2015
Ottawa Community News: Airport Parkway safety tour underscores nervousness felt by pedestrians

27 January 2016

covers to prevent icing up of the dampers are finally installed

29 March 2016
Ottawa Citizen: Failed Hazeldean bridge's design flawed from the start. It was designed by the same firm that produced the flawed from the start design for the Airport Parkway bridge; both flawed designs were accepted by the same City department. However, the $2 million required to fix the Hazeldean bridge was paid for by a settlement involving Genivar, IBI Group and Novatech; lawsuits concerning the Airport Parkway bridge and the city (3 June 2014, 7 October 2013) remain unresolved.

5 September 2016

the current Google image of the bridge

18 November 2016
Councillor Riley Brockington Newsletter: "Mediation took place over the summer [over the various legal claims and counterclaims] and, while some smaller parts of the litigation were resolved, the claims are still outstanding ... the discovery phase needs to be completed, after which the case can be set down for trial. Given the number of parties and the range of issues, a trial like this might take several weeks or even months. This means that, unless the parties can reach a settlement, a trial decision may be several years away."

6 December 2016
Ottawa Metro: What's in a Name? Does the Airport Parkway bridge need an official new name?

14 December 2016
Ottawa Community News: Family of Kenny Dagenais wants Airport Pkwy bridge named in his memory

6 March 2017
Ottawa Community News: Bid to name Airport Parkway footbridge faces delays amid city's lawsuit

9 August 2017
Ottawa Citizen: 4255 people crossed the bridge the week of June 24. For comparison, the city's busiest pedestrian bridge, Corktown, averaged 37 268 per week.

8 August 2018
Councillor Riley Brockington Newsletter: The City and WSP(Genivar) have agreed to a settlement; the amount is held confidential. All other suits involving the bridge remain ongoing.

27 September 2018
Your Community Voice: Airport Parkway bridge still tangled in complex legal web.

22 February 2019
Another lawyer's letter arrives, asking to confirm dates of some photographs presented here.

13 March 2019
Competition Bureau Canada: Genivar (now WSP Canada) has been ordered to pay $4 million for bid-rigging on municipal infrastructure contracts in Quebec between 2002 and 2011 (which includes the bidding period for this bridge).

20 March 2019
The legal case of Louis Bray against Cumberland Ready Mix and the City of Ottawa has been settled.

26 April 2019
Ottawa Citizen: Legal saga surrounding construction of Airport Parkway Bridge finally ends. The last settlement is with Genivar (WSP).

25 September 2019
Council approves an official name of the bridge: Juno Beach Memorial Bridge.

8 November 2019
Mayor Jim Watson, Councillor Riley Brockington, Veterans Affairs Canada, Canadian War Museum, Royal Canadian Legion, Juno Beach Center, Cameron Highlanders of Ottawa and Governor General Foot Guards combine to rename the Airport Parkway Pedestrian Bridge to the Juno Beach Memorial Bridge (Ottawa Citizen, CTV, Ottawa Matters).

1 December 2019 Bridge renaming honours Canadian soldiers who fought at Juno Beach.


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