SONG News Fall 1980 no. 17
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8th Annual Meeting of SONG

July 26, 1980 was a great day for those who attended the 8th Annual Meeting of SONG at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Hamilton, Ontario. 72 people came out to review what is happening in Nut Growing in Ontario. They had lots to see too. Andrew Dixon demonstrated his new black walnut cracker which attests to his ingenuity and inventiveness. Andy's cracker was taken to the Northern Nut Growers Association meeting August 3-6, 1980 as well and this home made, automatic cracker won second prize in the exhibits contest. Also, there was considerable discussion about the tax status of those who grow nuts as an agricultural business. Mike Curzon and Peter Charlebois among others were outspoken on matters of tax concern.

Election and Confirmation of Officers Roy Metcalfe - President
Robert Hambleton - Secretary
Ernest Grimo - Director 1
Fred Roth - Vice President
Douglas Campbell - Editor
Ron Wakeling - Director
Joyce McEwan - Treasurer
F. R. Park - Director
Joyce Branston - Auditor
Election and Confirmation of the Nominating Committee (1980-81)
John Gordon - Chairman
Alien Chappel - Member
Ron Wakeling - Member

The question of an affiliate membership with the Federation of Ontario Naturalists was reviewed but no action was taken.

The constitution of the Ottawa area chapter was reviewed and approved. A vote of thanks was given to Alex Jones who was present at the meeting and has assisted the Ottawa chapter in getting started.

Mike Curzon volunteered to do some investigation of costs and procedures for publishing a SONG Handbook on Nut Trees....consisting of several articles written by John Gordon. It was noted that the SONG treasury was not in a strong enough position to supply this item as a part of the membership service as had been hoped. Although the Handbook cannot be supplied at this time, it is observed that several of the articles have been published in SONG News and this service will be continued until all the articles have been published.

Mike Curzon, Muriel Wells and Allis Mosler volunteered to work as a committee to report on the municipal tax status of nut tree farms in Ontario.

Peter Charlebois, Ernie Grimo and Fred Roth volunteered to work as a committee to explore the Federal Income Tax status of owners of nut tree farms.

Andrew Dixon volunteered to host one of next year's SONG meetings at his farm. Also, he indicated that models of the Dixon Black Walnut Cracker could be manufactured for about $100 each if sufficient numbers were interested.

Alex Jones gave a brief report on the establishment of a nut grove in the Ottawa area. 60 different types of nut trees have been started to date. Alex suggested that a future meeting of SONG be held in the Ottawa area ... possibly 1982-83.

Roy Metcalfe gave a brief report on the Heartnut Distribution. Several hundred people have submitted questionnaire reports to Roy and tree heights vary from 20-30 centimetres to 4 metres. The general trend is that the more southerly the location the faster the growth ... but there are some exceptions.

Don Kernahan reported on the grafting field day at the London conservation area. 40 grafts of persian walnut were placed successfully representing about 70% efficiency. 25 different cultivars have been established via this one grafting day! John Gardiner of the Department of Agriculture has been assisting in this venture. It was suggested that when these trees come into bearing, about 1983-84, that a fall meeting of SONG could be held at this location.

NNGA Meeting - Geneseo, New York

184 enthusiastic nut growers, 35 from Ontario, came out to the 71st Annual Meeting of the Northern Nut Growers Association at Geneseo, New York, August 3-6, 1980. The displays of nut growing were many, varied and impressive and of course the Dixon Black Walnut Cracker placed 2nd among the many exhibits for prizes awarded. Many informative talks on nut growing were available to inspire new planting endeavours. Also, the Wednesday tour took the growers to a Persian Walnut orchard and also a young orchard of hazelberts. An optional tour was available to see an outstanding collection of American-Manchurian, sweet chestnut hybrids. Ontario growers who attended this meeting will have much to consider about nut growing in the next few years.

SONG Auction, April 12, 1980

Approximately one hundred persons attended the SONG Auction, April 12, 1980 . at the Civic Garden Centre, Don Mills, Ontario. More than 200 nut trees were available for auction as well as an ample quantity of nut seed and miscellaneous items. Everyone had the opportunity to come away from this auction with something new and exciting in nut growing.

An Outstanding Book on Nut Growing

The book Nut Tree Culture in North America, Edited by Dr. Richard A. Jaynes and published by the Northern Nut Growers Association is a gem for those who want to grow nut trees successfully in the North. This publication has the most complete treatment of the major species grown in the northern latitudes ... black walnut, hickory, butternut, heartnut, pecan, chestnut, hazel, filbert, Persian walnut, oak, beech etc. Also, there are sections on insect and disease control, harvesting and curing, nut evaluation and the selection of the most satisfactory grafted cultivars. The several chapters are written by a team of well known specialists in nut growing including such familiar names as Ernest Grimo.

This book is now available through a Canadian source as follows:
(a) $15.00 Canadian currency if to be sent by mail, postage paid.
(b) $13.00 Canadian currency if purchase is made at a SONG Meeting.
Payments should be made by cheque or money order (do not send cash in the mails) payable to the Society of Ontario Nut Growers and requests should be directed to the SONG Treasurer: Mrs. Joyce McEwan R.R.#1, Beamsville ON LOR 1BO
If you intend to pick up a copy at a SONG Meeting, please notify Mrs. McEwan in advance to ensure that sufficient copies will be available.

In Memory of Lewis Van Patter

It is observed with regret that Lewis Van Patter passed away on April 29, 1980, Lewis was a member of the SONG Nominating Committee and was a regular attender at SONG meetings. All will miss his cheerful presence. Our sympathies are extended to Claribel Van Patter.

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