SONG News Spring 1985 no. 26
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The Market For Fresh Nuts

Your SONG Editor gets some interesting telephone calls. In December, 1983, Mr. D.J. Besler called to ask about the availability of chestnuts. In fact, the caller wanted about 400 - 600 pounds to be shipped right away. I wished that I had some on hand for among other things, if the quality was right, there was a market for a further 10,000 pounds! Well, the entrepreneurial urge was just overwhelming considering that one mature chestnut tree can deliver as much as 100 pounds of chestnuts per year....which can turn into a very nice income supplement for a back yard farmer. Prices may be as high as $3.00 - $5.00 per kilogram for the right stuff.

Those who are interested can contact the following for more details: Mr. D. J. Besler, D.T.B. Holdings Ltd., Box 95, Regina SK S4P 2Z5

Then, approximately one year later, I was sitting by my T.V. minding my own business when the telephone rang again. It was obvious that the person calling was under pressure and he asked quickly whether I could supply him with 8-10 bags of Persian (English) walnuts. Quickly, I slipped into a negotiating mood and asked, "How large a bag did you have in mind?" Without even a pause he replied, "Well, 25 kilogram bags, of course!" Thusly put in my place, I swallowed hard, knowing that I could not supply the full quantity and quoted several telephone numbers where he could inquire for more. Moreover, when I quoted $3.00 per kilogram in the shell, I did not get too much resistance because as the caller put it.... "he wanted fresh, current season walnuts which are not stale and/or wormy like much of the product available through the ordinary commercial channels." It appears that he operates a bakery and he wants to add a little bit of "class" to his product.

These two items are not isolated instances. Moreover, my address is listed under Niagara-on-the-Lake whereas my telephone is listed under Niagara Falls. When somebody tries to reach me just out of the blue yonder, it's really quite an achievement and indicates a great deal of persistence on the part of the caller. Just think of the quantity of business which may be lurking out there if I advertised actively (and also had the quantity of nuts to satisfy the demand)?


Your Editor has received an information letter from Charles Billington of the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority describing books available to teachers and students about conservation subjects. The titles include:
Volume 1 (1) Pick a Field ... Any old Field
(2) Trees and Their Friends
(3) Wild Animals, Large and Small
Volume 2 (4) Snow!
(5) Water Flows Downhill
(6) Winter Survival of Plants and Animals
Volume 3 (7) Soil
(8) Succession
(9) The Wet World
Volume 4 (10) Encouraging Wildlife
(11) Taking Care of the Woodlot
(12) Tapping and Sapping
The above are the results of the Co-operation of four of the Ontario Conservation Authorites. More information about Conservation Source Books may be obtained from: Charles Billington, Series Editor, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority Box 599, Manotick ON KOA 2NO

Provided by SONG. Feel free to copy with a credit.