SONG News Fall 1985 no. 27
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NNGA Meeting, Summer, 1985

The Northern Nut Growers Association's annual meeting was held at Springfield, Missouri, August 4-7. It was a joint meeting with NNGA and the Black Walnut Council. Naturally there was a very thorough coverage of black walnuts for timber production as well as black walnut for kernels. Other interesting bonuses were detailed analyses of micropropagation techniques in tissue culture and integrated farming and intercropping techniques. Along with the heavy duty coverage of nut growing, there was also a delightful banquet, comfortable living accommodations, lots of day to day good eating and unlimited opportunity to socialize informally with nut growers from all over the north American continent. This year's NNGA meeting lived up to its usual reputation of being the best entertainment in town!

Review of SONG Meetings, 1985

More than forty people turned out to make the spring, 1985 auction a financial and social success. Several hundred items, from Nut trees to baked goods were available for sale and the SONG Treasury wound up approximately $300 richer!

The Chalet in the Albion Hills Conservation Area was impressive in its rustic, wood decor and the Albion Hills were a glorious sight too. When you consider that this facility is so close to the urban area of Toronto, it is a marvellous resource for the city folks to enjoy the gifts of nature.

Most of all the nut growers who came to the spring auction went home with several trees/bushes to plant ... to make their own special corner a nuttier, nicer place to live.

The SONG Annual Meeting was held at the Baxter Conservation Area on July 27, 1985. The Ottawa Chapter hosts were splendidly organized including a business meeting, tour of the new nut planting and especially the buffet style lunch which was provided at a nominal cost. The features which distinguish the Ottawa Chapter are the enthusiastic desires to study nut growing and to establish extensive plantings of nut trees. The several committee activities of the Chapter are commendable.

The business meeting was conducted by SONG President, Heinz Baumgarten and the following presentations were made:
Secretary's Report given by Robert Hambleton
Treasurer's Report given by Marion Grimo
Auditor's Report given by Marion Grimo for Joyce Branston

The report of the nominating committee and subsequent election of officers produced the following executive for 1985-86:
President: Heinz Baumgarten
VicePresident: Jim Harvey
Secretary: Bob Hambleton
Treasurer: Marion Grimo
Editor: DougCampbell
Auditor: Joyce Branston

The new nominating committee will consist of Glenn Sandham (Chairman), John Gordon and Phil Park.

Doug Campbell is to investigate further the details of publishing John Gordon's serialized nut tree articles in booklet form.

The decision to increase annual dues was delayed for another year. However, it will be necessary to look seriously at the question of raising the annual dues at the 1986 annual meeting.

It was moved, seconded and carried that a constitutional amendment be brought forward at the 1986 Annual Meeting so that future dues changes can be effected simply by a majority vote of members present at an Annual Meeting.

The hills and valleys of the Saugeen Country looked splendid as usual when the SONG nut growers met at the Saugeen Valley Conservation Authority on September 21, 1985. There were numerous nut samples brought to the meeting and these became the focus of early discussion and the proud owners got in some well earned "bragging time". Also, Jim Penner of the Authority is to be congratulated for the good growth performance of the nut trees at the Stoney Island conservation area planting. Numerous of the filberts/hazelberts and heartnuts have started to bear nuts and several of the keen eyed nut growers went, home with samples. Then for those who like the peaceful scenery of a wildlife refuge, the duck and geese ponds near the headquarters buildings were a continuous source of interest.

The Northern Pecan Seed Project

Similar to previous years, some outstanding northern types of pecan have been discovered in the most northern range of the native pecan ... areas such as northwest Illinois and the north central parts of Missouri.

Both John Gordon and Doug Campbell spent about two weeks on the road this fall searching out the remote crannies of the Mississippi River system to detect pecans which to this time had not been discovered. One particular note of interest is the large nut pecan located in Canton, Missouri. The nut from this tree is one of the largest ever found in the northern range of the pecan ... and it is early ripening too with most of the crop dropping in September. Further searches of Canton, Missouri have revealed a number of pecans which have been planted simply as landscape trees ... it's a magnificent sight. Many pounds of excellent pecans are harvested each year and the "big nut" tree produced at least 200 pounds of pecans this fall. Another tree, nearby, has a slightly smaller nut but one of the best quality, best flavour kernels of any pecan which you will find anywhere!

Since a good quantity of outstanding seed nuts is available, a continuation of the pecan offer will be extended into 1985-86 as follows:
The Northern Pecan Seed Project
8 Seeds for $3.00
Mail Requests to: Northern Pecan Seed Project, c/o R.D. Campbell R.R.#1, Niagara-on-the-Lake ON Canada LOS 1JO
As many packets of seeds as are wanted may be purchased at these rates.
Make cheques payable to: NNGA Pecan Seed Project
A set of complete growing instructions will be mailed out with each package of seed.

Hickory Evaluations

The nut evaluation committee of the NNGA is attempting to evaluate the better hickories and hicans. If you have something worthy of note, please contact the following: NNGA Nut Evaluation Committee, 207 B Miller Hall, University of Nebraska East Campus , Lincoln NE USA 68583 - 0714

Also, note that the results of these evaluations will be circulated to co-operators ... as well as being available for display at the 1986 annual meeting of the NNGA. All you avid hickory fans should make plans to attend the 1986 NNGA. Don't miss this one ... because among other things, there will be tours available of the most northern native pecan groves in all the world!

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