SONG News Fall 1992 no. 41

Remembering the Big 1992 Events

It's hard to remember anything better than the Spring Auction, April 1 8, 1 992 at the Civic Garden Centre, Don Mills, Ontario. A forty+ crowd of people gathered to bid vigorously on a large collection of goodies. As far as you could see, people were taking armloads of nut trees for spring planting.

The summer Annual Meeting of SONG and 20th Anniversary meeting of SONG took place on July 25, 1 992 at the nut growing estate of Ernest and Marion Grimo. There was a business meeting, a full orchard tour, lots of samples, continuous video shows on nut growing. ..a lovely, lovely supper and lots of other things going on from noon till as late as 10:00 p.m. This was one of the more successful meetings in the history of SONG. Fabulous. We all owe Marion and Ernest a big, big thank vou for hosting a wonderful 20th anniversary event.

The fall meeting of SONG occurred out there where Ken and Rosa Weston make chestnuts grow large, sweet and delicious. It was October 17, 1992. There were some detailed grower talks about the successes of the season. It was good to see good crops of heartnut, hazels, chestnuts, when one considered how difficult it was to bring any farm crop to harvest in 1992.

For those who are trying to forget 1992, 1 will remind you of two things - cold and wet! Nevertheless, there were some genuinely good crops. Ken and Rosa are to be congratulated for putting on a good fall tour and for demonstrating how young sweet chestnut trees come into production.

A very fulsome Northern Nut Growers Association meeting took place August 9-1 2, 1992 at the Kellogg Center, East Lansing, Michigan. (Did you ever wonder where the corn flake came from?) This meeting featured tours of three farms where nut growers had been culturing nut trees for 60 years or more. It was well worth the time and just think.. .there will be another chance to tune into an annual NNGA event during August 1993.

The annual SONG meeting resulted in the election of officers as listed on this SONG News letterhead. In addition, Joyce Branston was elected to serve as auditor. Of course, Murial Braham will chair the nominating committee for 1993.

That fabulous SONG handbook about nut growing by John Gordon is now available in print. People who have a current 3 year membership in SONG will be sent this book free of charge. All others may pick up the book for a mere $12.00 at the future SONG meetings or the following rates apply if you order the nut growers handbook by mail: Canadian Residents $16.00 (postage paid) U.S. Residents $14.00 U.S. (postage paid) Overseas $18.00 U.S. (postage paid) Send requests to: The Society of Ontario Nut Growers Attention: Mrs. Marion Grimo RR#3, Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario, Canada LOS 1 JO

Letters to Your Editor

I haven't received any nuts yet from my black walnut trees, but one of them is now about 9 feet tall and the trunk diameter a foot above the ground is about 4 inches. I am sure that there will be some nuts soon. Two years ago, I had seven butternuts. This spring there are quite a few blossoms. I find it very interesting working with trees that some of the experts say will not grow here.
Orville J. Daily 23306 Twp. Rd. 522 Sherwood Park, Alberta T8B1H7

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