SONG News Fall 1993 no. 43
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Presidents Message

The US National Arboretum research staff has a "new naturalism" approach to planting that I thought might be worth sharing with our members and I would hope might generate some comments from them.

The current research position is that trees and other woody plants take hold more successfully and grow stronger and more resistant if subject to natural stress. Staking may not be helpful, they say, and should only be done for the first year after transplanting. A wind break is a better protection from weather than a stake.

Heavily amended soil is not now recommended for big plants. Adding masses of organic material to planting holes for large woody plants can have no lasting benefit. They claim that the sooner a plant begins to tie into the naturally occurring soil, the better.

Their research suggests fertilization and frequent watering of woody plants may stimulate rapid growth but result in weaker structures more vulnerable to wind storms, frost, droughts, extremes of temperature, pests and diseases. Also recommended is the use of fertilizers high in organic contents, these are least likely to acidify the soil to killing intensities and should be applied lightly and frequently for the most benefit.
Direct comments to: Margaret Holmes, Box 2025, Newcastle, Ontario, LOA 1HO.

The Big Shows from 1993

The fabulous SONG spring auction of 1993 was held on April 17, 1993 at the Civic Garden Centre, Don Mills, Ontario. It was the usual roaring success resulting in several hundred nut trees finding happy, new homes.

The annual summer meeting of SONG was held on July 24, 1993 at Smithfield, Ontario. The tour of the station nut grove was delightful. The business meeting produced the following results:
President ... Margaret Holmes
Vice-President ... Joan Helmer
Treasurer ... Marion Grimo
Secretary ... Bob Hambleton
Editor ... Doug Campbell
Honorary Director ... Jim Harvey
Treasury Scrutineer ... Joyce Branston
Nominating Committee ... Chairman Ken Weston, Members Murial Braham, John Gordon
Historical Reporter ... Joyce McEwan

A motion was moved/seconded/passed for the Treasurer to supply up to $50.00 per day for expenses for SONG members who participate in displays at "remote" locations where travel/lodging/meals are involved.

A discussion took place about a SONG display for the April 1, 2, 3, 1994 Flower Show at the International Centre in Toronto.

The Fall meeting of SONG took place at the Orono Forestry Nursery of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Ontario, October 16, 1993. There was a good movie and a tour of the stands of young nursery stock ... thousands, yea millions of young trees! From this meeting, there were several suggestions about activities/topics for future SONG meetings: Pruning of nut trees/grafting/propagation methods/new varieties/marketing opportunities/visit the seed extraction facilities at Angus, Ontario/develop mailing lists of landowners who may be potential nut growers ... and send information on speculation/investigate filbert nut qualities/hold a meeting in Hamilton/offer seed/trees for sale at each meeting.

Bits And Pieces

Over a period of time, a great quantity of information accumulates at editorial headquarters. Most often, each individual unit is not that significant in itself but when large numbers of these are looked at as a group, it's perhaps more than one expected:

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