SONG News Fall 1995 no. 47

The Really Big Meetings of 1995

SONG had several meetings in 1995 of which the April 22 spring auction was the first. The Civic Garden Centre, Don Mills was the location. About 200 trees were available for auction ... in addition to the etcetera.

The SONG summer meeting of 1995 was held on July 22 at Ridgetown. The executive officers as listed on the headliner of this newsletter were re-elected. Two separate videos were shown on (a) grafting (b) propagation. Margaret Holmes will continue as chair of the nominating committee. A grant of $500 was approved to help finance the OMAFRA nut grove at Simcoe. The closing down of the Smithfield Research station was mentioned. Joyce Branston was re-appointed as SONG auditor. SONG meeting dates for 1996 were suggested as April 20, July 27 and October 26 with more details to follow.

The SONG fall meeting took place at Echo Valley Park in Etobicoke. This park used to be the farm of George Corsan, an ancient/stalwart nut grower of Ontario. Refer to back issues of SONG for the heroic accounts of this pioneer in nut growing.

NNGA Meeting . . . Wisconsin The August 1995 meeting of the Northern Nut Growers Association was held at River Falls, Wisconsin ... a fine location to hear of trees which withstand -40°F and cooler. There were rumours of butternuts which took the -61°F rounds of a few winters back. We also took a tour of a 30 acre nut grove which included hazelberts, sweet chestnut and even some -40°F northern pecans. This latter item was worth the price of admission all by itself! Then, the touring through the land of lakes, areas of Iowa/ Minnesota/Wisconsin was an extra bonus.

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