The CISTI Memorial Grove

dedication 17 May2001 Five nut trees were planted on the NRC Montreal Road campus, Ottawa (45°27'N 75°37'W) in the spring of 2001 in memory of Dr. Ferrers Clark, a director in CISTI and IRAP: two black walnut, a buartnut and two Japanese chestnut. They are planted in a C for Clark and for CISTI. The grove was dedicated 17 May 2001 by three NRC Directors-General and the family of Dr. Clark.

The site was not auspicious - it turned out to be the route of an old asphalt road, and we planters broke a pick! The trees needed a lot of watering the first two years to make up for it - it was done by former colleagues of Dr. Clark until they were established. I'm looking after the trees as an NRC alumni.

The C was extended in 2004 with a ginkgo tree in memory of another CISTI employee, Sheri Campbell.

June 2013
The grove maturing: 18 June 2013

John Sankey