Consider Clover
An eco-friendly Jubilee action to restore your earth

Spread Clover Seed on your yard this summer.
Enjoy a low- to no-maintenance, chemical-free lawn where kids and pets can safely roll in the clover!
Express your values on your own turf.

How Clover Renews The Earth

White Dutch Clover is recommended for lawns from B.C. to the Maritimes because it is:
. very hardy: tolerates foot traffic, children's play and Canadian winters;
. adaptable: thrives in sun or shade and self-spreads by creeping stems to fill gaps;
. competitive with weeds and dandelions, and is pest resistant, so no toxic pesticides are needed;
. low-growing: mowing is optional, less power mowing saves energy and reduces greenhouse gases that cause global warming;
. drought tolerant once established: needs little or no watering;
. a "living mulch": holds moisture in soil and discourages weeds in gardens; and finally
. a soil de-compactor: digger roots loosen up the earth.

"White Dutch Clover is an excellent choice for use in lawns across Canada.
Clover tends to stay green throughout drought and insect attacks which would damage grass."
Ed Lawrence, CBC Radio "Ontario Today" Gardening Expert; Chief of Greenhouse and Grounds Services, National Capital Commission.

How to Roll Over to Clover

White Dutch Clover can be mixed with your existing grass to fill in bare spots or to start a new clover lawn.
. One pound of seed costs about $6, covers 1000 square feet of bare ground.
. If soil tends to be at all acidic, a light dusting of dolomitic lime before seeding is recommended.
. Spread seed by hand or seeder. Add water if nature doesn't.
. If allowed to grow up and bloom, clover reseeds itself, year after year.

Conventional Lawn Costs:

Did you know that the average annual costs of maintaining a conventional chemically-dependent lawn on a lot 100 feet by 50 feet are $400, 33 hours (the equivalent of four 8-hour Saturdays), 14,000 litres of water, 70 lb. chemical fertilizers, 46 lb. of chemical pesticides and 13 litres of gasoline?

Also, a typical gas-powered mower emits as much air pollution annually as a car driven half way across Canada.

These figures are based on information from "Definitely in my Backyard", Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

White Dutch CloverThis campaign is endorsed by the following:
United Church of Canada, Church and Society Co-ordinating Committee
Ecology Working Group, Canadian Yearly Meeting, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment
Campaign for Pesticide Reduction, Ontario
Health Dangers of Urban Use of Pesticides Working Group, Ottawa
Environmental Illness Society of Canada

Say "Yes to my front yard!" and help restore the Earth. Sow the seeds of Jubilee this summer.

This independent Jubilee initiative is seeded by Rev. Ellie Barrington and Peggy Land.
Please reprint freely for your neighbours and friends.