a painting epitomizing community
Helen Dardik, Ottawa

Community & Police

Crime Solving in Ottawa Canada
Closing Roads in Ottawa Canada
Silence and Fear in Ottawa Canada
Crime Reporting in Ottawa Canada
Respect for Police in Ottawa Canada


On Earth Day
Canada's Wars
The Saga of a Bridge
The Role of a Library
Our Poverty Industry
On Constant Taxation
How To Be an Activist
All way Stops in Canada
What is your Carbon Budget?
What is your Landfill Budget?
Water 'use' in Ottawa Canada
Indigenous Residential Schools
A Walker's Community Checklist
On International Living Standards
Traffic Calming in Ottawa Canada
Outdoor Murals of Ottawa Canada
Road Danger Reporting by Citizens
Towards a Human-centered Ottawa
Canada and the The Kyoto Protocol
Traffic Lights - Some Safety Aspects
Compulsory vs. Optional Census Data
When you Think Safety, Think it Through
A Community-Centered Approach to Arterial Roads

Ottawa's Hunt Club Community

Our Area
Our Names
Our History
Hunt Club Creek
Cultural Heritage
The Southern Corridor
  A Year in a Meadow
Our Community Association