The east Dolman Ridge Plantations

37balsam fir
38Kentucky coffee tree, others
39Ponderosa, red pine
40western larch: planted 2½x3 m, 26 cm DBH, 16 m tall
41western larch: NE portion planted 2½x3 m, the rest aerially, 19 cm DBH, 12 m tall
83the First People's grove
84beaked hazel: may be natural
85red pine: planted 1986 1.3x2.3 m, 13 cm DBH, 8 m tall, gray-white birch invaded south portion and caused some mortality
Gray and white birch both appear to be native to the ridge, and all gradations of hybrid are common. Most hybrids are growing excessively tall for their height, and die off young from the top or are bent to the ground by ice and snow.

John Sankey