The South Lowland Plantations

50Lombardy poplar,tamarack  - west row tamarack planted at 1.1 m spacing, 16 cm DBH, 11 m tall, 95% survival; east row poplar reached 20 cm DBH, all died some years ago
51Chinese catalpa: planted at 3 m spacing, 10 cm DBH, 6 m tall, 50% survival
52,54red ash: planted at 3 m spacing, best 12 cm DBH, 10 m tall, many multistem
53green ash: most are multistem, best are 14 cm DBH, 9 m tall
55black ash: very few survive, most stunted
56eastern cottonwood: planted at 3 m spacing, 18 cm DBH, 12 m tall, 50% survival north half, 20% south half; south half is extensively used by deer who have browsed all the competition so it is very open
57larch,balsam poplar: planted in alternate rows at 6 m spacing, 20% poplar survive 18 cm DBH, 50% larch 12 cm, both 8 m tall
58balsam fir: planted at 3 m spacing, 70% survive, many two stems, 16 cm DBH, 10 m tall
59basswood: a few survive 13 cm DBH, 10 m tall; mostly taken over by cottonwood
60eastern white cedar: very few survive, best are 12 cm DBH, 5 m tall
61tamarack: planted at 3 m spacing, 30% survive 22 cm DBH, 12 m tall, many with broken tops
62Norway spruce: planted at 2 m spacing, self pruning to 4, 17 cm DBH, 9 m tall
63,77red spruce & gray birch: variable spacing and growth, gray birch doing better
64black spruce: planted at 2 m spacing rows 3 m apart, 13 cm DBH, 9 m tall
65red,blue,black,white,Norway spruce: planted at 1.5 m spacing, most are being shaded out, edge trees 17 cm DBH, 10 m tall
66black spruce: 3 survive, 2 multistem, one 15 cm DBH, 5 m tall
67balsam fir: only a few resprouts survive
68Saghalin spruce,silver maple: planted at 1.5 m spacing, most spruce survive, 14 cm DBH, 6 m tall; maple being killed by acidity; deer yard at north end
69Saghalin spruce: planted at 3 m spacing, being invaded by birch, not quite as good condition as 68
70-73red ash: planted 3 m apart in two rows 5 m apart, ending in 3 m spaced plantation, most survive, 14 cm DBH, 10 m tall
74blue spruce: ~10% survived, 20 cm DBH, most lost top at least once, best are 10 m tall
75white spruce: planted at 3 m spacing, 23 cm DBH, 10 m tall
76silver maple: planted in 3 rows 3 m spacing, north half 15 cm DBH, 10 m high, many multistem, south half much smaller, mostly resprouts
78Serbian spruce & gray birch: spruce 14 cm DBH, 7 m tall

John Sankey