The Irwins of Granby Quebec

There are four Irwin-Wallace mariages in Granby. All these Irwins are descended from James Irwin and Martha Ruddle (spelled Ruddell by her descendants) who came from Ireland, probably Co.Tyrone, with their children about 1820. They first settled at St. Brigit and went to church at Abbotsford where they are buried. Later, they moved to Caanan, a small settlement just outside Granby at that time.
James Irwin 1772-1845
m.Martha Ruddle 1770-1844
1  Ann Irwin 1790-1867
   m.Thomas Floyd
2  John Irwin 1793-1874
   m.Elizabeth Galaway
3  Margaret Irwin 1800-1882 twin of Mary
   m.Joseph WALLACE
4  Mary Irwin 1800-1873
   m.Ira Chamberlain
5  Elizabeth Irwin 1805-1888
   m. Thomas WALLACE
6  Jane Irwin
   m. Thomas Conn
7  James Irwin 1811-1892
   m.Betsey WALLACE
   1  adopted Emma 1864-
8  Sam Irwin 1801-1888
   m.Jane MacAllister
   1  Samuel Irwin m.Margaret Jane
   2  James S Irwin 1831-1896
      m.Martha Ann WALLACE
   3  Jane Irwin
   4  Mary Ann Irwin
      m.Robb Ferguson
   5  John Irwin
9  William John Irwin
10 Letitia Irwin
   m.Eli Rexford
I thank Margery Strom, a gggranddaughter of James & Martha, for this work.

John Sankey
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