WARNING - Life/Sunbeam Ultraheat Technology

A heating pad using this technology is not a simple heating pad. It puts out some sort of radiation that goes straight through protective towels and clothing, and it burns, deep and fast. And, there was nothing on the package to warn me of the difference between these pads and the normal ones.

My old heating pad had failed, so I got this one as a replacement. I was wearing pyjamas, had a thick towel wrapped around a sore shoulder muscle to keep it warm, and laid the pad with its cloth cover on top of the towel as usual.

After an hour or so, my skin started to itch a bit, so I removed the pad to check. My skin under the entire area of the pad had turned red. Obviously, I immediately stopped using it, but it was far too late. Over the next few hours, my skin turned brighter and brighter red, then started to blister.

I ended up with burns over the entire area of the pad, with many patches blistering. Some patches are burned right into the flesh as a third degree burn is, although the skin is still alive over them. The heat even reached as deep as a nerve in my shoulder - every time I coughed for the next week, it delivered a jab of intense pain. The burns have left permanent scars all over the affected area.

This pad is far too dangerous for ordinary home use.

John Sankey